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Liquid Refills (Soap, Wash-up, Laundry)

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Liquid Refills (Soap, Wash-up, Laundry)
Liquid Refills (Soap, Wash-up, Laundry)

From the 4th May onwards you will be able to take an empty bottle along to Leighton Buzzard Market and purchase a refill of: 

  • Hand Wash 
    • Fig Leaf
    • Unscented
  • Washing Up Liquid
  • Laundry Liquid (non-bio)
  • Shower Gel 
    • Candyfloss & Mallow
    • Satsuma 
    • Sea Minerals

Refillable 500ml Glass bottles are available (if you don't have a suitable bottle at home you wish to refill). You are welcome to reserve/purchase a filled bottle here and collect it at LB Market

Aluminium Shower Gel Bottles will be available (not as pretty as glass - but safer in the shower!). More info coming soon

  • Saturday Market - always outside Nationwide Building Society
  • Tuesday Market - casual trader - I don't attend every week and thus don't have a permanent location pitch - location will be announced on facebook as soon as I know or your welcome to pop me an email:

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