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Toothpaste Tablets (with Fluoride)

Toothpaste Tablets (with Fluoride)

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Plastic-free Toothpaste Tablets with fluoride - Mint Flavour 

💚 Plastic-Free
💚 Vegan & Cruelty-free
💚 No preservatives, chemical additives, aluminium or nanoparticles
💚 Gluten-Free

Made by ecoliving a UK based brand, key ingredients - bicarbonate of soda and silica perform thorough cleansing, then fluoride and microcrystalline cellulose help prevent and remove plaque.

These amazing little tablets replace plastic toothpaste tubes - which are non-recyclable!

How to use:
Simply chew (add a little water if you like) and start brushing. The makers tell me they work best with a soft bristled brush (I have soft bamboo brushes available too)

Storage Tin containing 60 Denttabs - Sliding lid with 60 Denttabs (1 months worth).

Refills for the tin available - 60 Denttabs are £2.50, 120 Denttabs are £5

If you want 1 months worth for 2 people - or 2 months for yourself, please increase the quantity to 2 (or more .... hope that makes sense)

These will be posted in a small paper bag - please transfer to a airtight container


They are available packaging-free in-store (Leighton Buzzard). Buy a few to try or as many as you like.... bring a small empty tin/tub to transport these home/storing in your bathroom (a clean empty facemask or whipped soap tub would be perfect - just clean it out first!) 
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