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Metallic HexBomb

Metallic HexBomb

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We're very pleased to be stocking HexBomb - Gothic Beauty for Dark Hearts, as not all our customers want pink& fluffy Bath bombs! 

Metallic Bombs create a swirling 'liquid metal' effect in the water, unique & unlike any other bath bomb plus utterly hypnotic. Treat yourself!

  • Bonfire - New for autumn! Let the BONFIRE dance🔥 Infused with kaolin clay, Epsom salts and St. John's wort oil, the fragrance is TOASTED MARSHMALLOW perfect for an autumn eve.... black metallic with added copper bio glitter and a one use pumpkin soap🔥🍁
  • Nether Black - a new black metallic bomb, infused with kaolin clay, Epsom salts and avocado oil( beneficial skin moisturiser filled with vitamins and minerals and is a natural anti oxidant. The intoxicating fragrance is cherry berry and uses mineral sheens and glitters (not plastic glitters) come to the NETHER' for a true underworld experience!
  • Divinity - luxury royal purple metallic bomb. Infused with kaolin clay/ Epsom salts and Arnica oil -beneficial to the skin and has anti inflammatory properties which can be helpful for muscle ache , spasms and rheumatic pain. The fragrance is tutti fruity and creates a sweet aromatic explosion! Does not stain body or bathtub but may leave some lustre residue which is easy washed away.

Should be used within 6 months. Cruelty-free. Suitable for Vegans, Witches & the Undead