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Mini Donut Bath Bomb (Unicorn/ Lama/ Superhero/ Farm)

Mini Donut Bath Bomb (Unicorn/ Lama/ Superhero/ Farm)

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Fabulously fun bath bombs in the shape of a donut with a bubble frosting and sugar decoration* on top. The bombs produce an lovely aroma and colourful display in the bath water.

Choose between

  • Mystical Unicorndeep purple bath bomb with bright pink bubble frosting and unicorn decoration. Fragranced in pink sugar candy and a shimmer of silver glitter.
  • No drama Lamafragranced in banana, a mix of pink and blue with purple bubble frosting and Lama sugar decoration and a sprinkle of purple glitter!
  • Superhero - fragranced in CK1 dupe - this yellow & green bomb has hidden blue!
  • Woodland Friends - Fragranced in toasted marshmallow, a beautiful orange bomb with hidden yellow embeds and woodland animal decor. 
  • Farmyard Friends - fragranced in Monkey Farts, a pink and yellow bomb with cute farmyard decoration. 

These are a smaller size - so would suit a shallower child's bath.

Biodegradable glitter, SLS-Free, Paraban-Free, Cruelty-Free. *Contains trace amounts of Egg in decoration. 

Babies and children have more sensitive skin and bath bombs can be used from 2yrs and up, although ideally children should be over 3yrs