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Filled Fill Bottles (Price includes glass 'Fill' branded Bottle)

Filled Fill Bottles (Price includes glass 'Fill' branded Bottle)

Regular price £10.00 Sale

500ml Glass Bottles of: 

  • Washing Up Liquid £4.75 (refill £1.75)
  • Laundry Liquid (non-bio) £5.50 (refill £2.50)
  • Fabric Conditioner £5.50 (refill £2.50)
  • All Purpose Cleaner £5.50 (refill £2.50)
  • Toilet Cleaner £5.50 (refill £2.50)
  • Scrub Powder £5.5  (refill of 500g £2.25)


    Own Bottles welcome. Refillable 500ml Glass bottles are included in the price here with the "Fill" branding as per photos. You are welcome to reserve/purchase a filled bottle here in order to click&collect it.  

    Refills are £3 cheaper as you're not paying for the bottle again. Refills are available on a separate listing. Own bottles welcome for refilling (we have trade scales in store, so can measure & calculate any amount) 

    All are made in Northamptonshire by Fill and supplied to Mimic Gifts in PCR (post consumer recycled) containers which, once empty, are collected to be cleaned, refilled & sent back to us/out to other similar stockists