Closed until Tuesday 5th Jan ...then re-opening under Teir 4 Restrictions - Click&Collect between 10-2pm Tues+Fri+Sat / Local Delivery / Postage

Refill timeslot 5th-9th Jan (Click&Collect)

Refill timeslot 5th-9th Jan (Click&Collect)

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New Year. New Way of life for buying refills under the Covid Tier 4 restrictions. 

Click&Collect timeslots allow you to choose your timeslot, bring your empty bottles, refill them and pay the outstanding balance (website will charge you a nominal £1 fee) 

Please wear a face-covering and ensure your empty bottles/containers are clean & dry

Clean you:

  • Hand Soap 70p per 100ml
  • Alcohol Hand Sanitizer £2.50 per 100ml
  • Daisy Rainbow Bubble Bath/Shower gel £1.40
  • Luxury Shower Gel £1.80 per 100ml
  • Bath Salts 80p per 100g
  • Bath Bomb Dust £1.40 per 100g

Clean your house:

  • Washing Up Liquid 50p per 100ml
  • Non-Bio Laundry Liquid 70p per 100ml
  • Fabric Conditioner 50p per 100ml
  • All Purpose Cleaner 50p per 100ml
  • Toilet Cleaner 50p per 100ml