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Hire: Party Kit
Hire: Party Kit
Hire: Party Kit
Hire: Party Kit

Hire: Party Kit

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Fun, bright coloured reusable party plates, bowls, spoons, beakers, jugs and serving trays, for hire: get your party started.
You've been telling us, that in a post-covid world parties are back on the menu, so our reusable kit, removes the need to buy disposable paper plates, cups etc and then chuck them in the bin at the end of the party .... its costs about the same as buying single use, with none of the waste. 
This kit is designed for children's parties, for up to 30 guests (Tell us your numbers! and includes 
  • Beakers/Tumbers - 1 per party guest
  • Plates - 1 per guest
  • Bowls - 1 per guest 
  • Spoons - 1 per guest
  • 2 Serving trays
  • 2 large serving Jugs for water/cordial 
  • 3 large serving bowls, bright colours (if you need more, just ask)
  • And if requested for outdoor party, 3 food covers (bright colours)
We can also offer a reusable pass-the-parcel hire and personalised party sweets bags in paper bags (no plastic waste).
We ask for a £20 refundable deposit to cover breakages/lost items, this is paid via PayPal when you book a date with us. Refunded when you return the party kit.
Please note: Deposit will not refunded if a late cancellation means it too late for us to re-hire the kit to someone else 
Collection/return of the kit can be either of our stores:
  • Mimic Gifts, 5 Hockliffe Street Leighton Buzzard LU7 IHG
  • Mimic Refills, Wild Raven Farm Shop, Rowsham, HP22 4QP 
We currently ask that the kit is returned clean. We're looking into a post-party washing service - please let us know if this is of interest 
Would you be interested in hiring a grown-up party kit? It's something we're keen to find out if you are interested. Please drop us a message: mimicgifts@gmail.com