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Refill Glass Jar dishwasher powder zero waste

Dishwasher Powder

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We can post or deliver locally in a paper bag, or you can come in-store to refill your containers of:

Dishwasher Powder 75p/100g

How to use: Add one scoop of powder (15g) to machine dispenser. Follow your Dishwasher manufacturer's guidelines. Check salt levels regularly


    Own containers welcome. Refillable 500ml Glass jars are available with the "Fill" branding as per photos. You are welcome to reserve/purchase a filled bottle here in order to click&collect it.

    All are made in Northamptonshire by Fill and supplied to Mimic Gifts in PCR (post consumer recycled) containers which, once empty, are collected to be cleaned, refilled & sent back to us/out to other similar stockists

    • Rinse Aid Ingredients: A