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Cleaning Vinegar

Cleaning Vinegar

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Cleaning Vinegar is great at shifting limescale and good on glass, floors, worksurfaces, bathrooms and see below for a washing-machine-cleaning-recipe. Use this eco-friendly, biodegradable, Vegan (non-food-use) Cleaning Vinegar to make your own Descaler and Shower Cleaner 
  • Cleaning Vinegar 500ml Glass Bottle is £4.75
  • Subsequent refills of the same 500ml bottle is then £1.25
  • Own bottles welcome in-store. Vinegar is 25p per 100ml. 

For glass and surface cleaning: Dilute or use neat

For descaling toilets:
Add warm water to bowl. Add 1/2 cup vinegar. Leave for 1hour & then flush

For bathroom clean: 
Mix 1:1 with water, spray on, wipe off

Contains Acetic Acid. Don't use on natural stone (like Granite or Marble Quartz), unsealed grout or waxed surfaces. Patch test on an out of sight area. Dilute further if you have any worries.


    Own Bottles welcome. Refillable 500ml Glass bottles are included in the price here with the "Fill" branding as per photos. You are welcome to reserve/purchase a filled bottle here in order to click&collect it.  

    Refills are £3 cheaper as you're not paying for the bottle again. Own bottles welcome for refilling (we have trade scales in store, so can measure & calculate any amount) 

    All are made in Northamptonshire by Fill and supplied to Mimic Gifts in PCR (post consumer recycled) containers which, once empty, are collected to be cleaned, refilled & sent back to us/out to other similar stockists

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