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Picture of 2 bright purple and 2 black washable Cloth Sanitary Towel pads
Red and Black washable cloth sanitary towel pads
Purple, blue & green cloth sanitary towel which can be washed and reused for a zero waste lifestyle
Cloth Sanitary Towels
Cloth Sanitary Towels

Cloth Sanitary Towels

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Washable Sanitary Towels / Pads. 

Two inner layers of thick organic cotton fleece inside as well as a discreet layer of waterproof PUL, and backed with our lightweight black organic cotton jersey. Poppers hold them in place in your knickers.

Wash at 40. Don’t use fabric conditioner ass this affect absorbency. (If needed - white/cleaning vinegar can be used in the machine, to help soften)

We have lots of bright colours in stock. We will send you colours at random unless you specify in a message at checkout/or pop us an email: mimicgifts@gmail.com

  • Mini pads are designed for the start/end days of your period, or 
  • Regular pads - should be changed 3-4 hours
  • Maxi Pads are larger and designed for heavy flow or night time.