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Dead Sea Salts (pure)

Dead Sea Salts (pure)

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Pure Dead Sea Salts.

No chemicals, no preservatives, no colourants, no artificial perfumes, just nature's finest ingredients.

Rich in minerals, these salts really make a relaxing bath time experience

Available in 

  • 250 refill (in-store) or via post we will pop it in a paper bag or compostable 'plastic' bag. The Salts need to be transferred to a sealed container to prevent it getting damp - a Glass Kilner Jar, or lidded Tuperwares are excellent for this.
  • 600g of salts in attractive glass kilner jar with clip top lid. These can be brought back for refilling.  
  • Own containers are welcome in-store. We can Tare your container on our scales, add salts and then re-weigh (60p per 100g)

    Ingredients:Maris Sal (Dead Sea) Salt

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