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Hot Water Bottles

Hot Water Bottles

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Fluffy, cute character Hot Water Bottles -  in stock now.

With all the talk around rising gas & electricity prices and 'keeping warm' tips circulating the Internet and news channels, we're considering stocking these gorgeous character Hot Water Bottles 🧡

The Fluffy cover not only keeps them warmer for longer but makes them more attractive and makes them safer for children to cuddle.

  • Pop them under the duvet 10mins or so before bed, to warm your bed
  • Good for muscle aches or period pain
  • Sports parents? Cuddle the warmth whilst cheering them on!

Brilliant gift for Christmas or Birthdays.

Use & Care

Boil a kettle then allow to cool to a safe temperature*. Fill hot water bottle to no more than 3/4s capacity. Squeeze air out and screw lid on. Wipe away any spills, before popping inside character cover

*Boiling water will damage seams and adds to risks of burns

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