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Melting Pots (Wax Melts)

Melting Pots (Wax Melts)

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Melting Pots are essentially mini Wax Melts, in a gorgeous jar & accompanying spoon for scooping!

Handmade from a blend of coconut and rapeseed wax and absolutly no Paraffin nor Soy

How to use

Scoop as many mini wax melts as you would like, but obviously don't overfill the bowl!  We find that 7 is typically equivalent to one 'normal' wax melt

Our wax melts can last up to 200hrs, depending on the burner, number of melts used and other environmental factors

Top Tip

Using a smaller burner will give a much more intense scent but will not last as long, using a taller burner will give a more even scent which will last longer


Don't add anything to the wax melt such as water or oils
Use an unscented tea light for no longer than 4 hours at a time and do not leave unattended

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