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Crystal & Mineral Bathing Infusions

Crystal & Mineral Bathing Infusions

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Our NEW crystal and mineral bathing infusions are a natural drawstring bag containing scented salts from the Dead Sea and beautiful,natural crystals.

How to Use: Simply place into a warm running bath and allow the salts and crystals to infuse the water giving a soft, scented, charged bathing experience.

Once the salts have dissolved, remove and dry the bag use the fragranced crystals for Meditation, Manifestation or simply a drawer scenter

Aventurine crystals with Serenity Spa - for Prosperity & Wellbeing

Carnelian crystals with Watermelon - for Vitality & Wellness

Lapis Lazuli with Seaspray - Lapis Lazuli crystals for Friendship & Loyalty

Rose Quartz with Tuberose & Jasmine - Rose Quartz crystals for Love & Balance

Golden Tiger with Mandarin & Bergamot - Golden Tiger gem stones for Energy & Creativity

Amethyst with Lavender - Amethyst crystals with Lavender for Healing & Relaxation. 

Vegan & Cruelty-free. Sensitive-skin friendly.


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