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Muff'n'Stuff Soap Giftset

Muff'n'Stuff Soap Giftset

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Rude / Funny Soap - perfect gift  for the woman who has everything including a sense of humour!

Hilariously named but hiding under that paper wrapper is beautiful Soap that is: Vegan, cruelty-free, SLS-free, paraban-free and, best of all, no Palm Oil.

This giftset coutains 3 indivudally rude/funny soaps namely:

  • Tits'n'Fanny - Boobs and bits - a cheeky treat. A lovely foamy soap for all over the body! Fragranced in zesty orange and heavenly grapefruit. 

  • Sweaty Flaps - Fragranced with zingy lemongrass and hemp, this soap is a cheeky fresh treat for all over the body, your face, feet and all your bits!
  • Buffin' the Muffin - Luscious lemon and ylang ylang are a heavenly combo – zesty and sweet! Buff that Muff with this beauty! A truly lovely bar of soap and perfect for tickling your fancy – and everywhere else!

We love aromatherapy, and these soaps are frankly awesome. Fresh, quality, beautifully fragranced. And hilarious, naturally. (OK so the names are wickedly hilarious, the bars themselves are seriously good).

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