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Rude/Funny Soap for Men

Rude/Funny Soap for Men

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Rude / Funny Soap - perfect gift  for the man who has everything including a sense of humour!

Hilariously named but hiding under that paper wrapper is beautiful Soap that is: Vegan, cruelty-free, SLS-free, paraban-free and, best of all, no Palm Oil.

  • Sweaty B*llocks - This soap will sort those sweaty balls out! In fact, once you start using this, you’ll be nuts about it! Fragranced with zingy lemongrass and hemp it’s a cheeky fresh treat for all over the body

  • Back, Sack & CrackThis soap is made with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil for softening the skin – perfect for all your nooks and crannies! Fragranced with warm musky patchouli, and with added sandalwood.

  • Smart ArseKnow a smart arse? This delightful bar will let them buff their ring until it shines like a new brass penny! This is a tingly scrubby bar of fresh zingy pepperminty fabulousness, with added exfoliating poppy seeds.

  • Hand Job - Foam up those grubby hands and anywhere else you fancy with this antibacterial, anti-fungal soap fragranced in Tea Tree & Turmeric Root

  • Smell my Finger - Sniff those pinkies people, because they will smell divine! Luscious lemon and ylang ylang are a heavenly combo – zesty and sweet

We love aromatherapy, and these soaps are frankly awesome. Fresh, quality, beautifully fragranced. And hilarious, naturally. (OK so the names are wickedly hilarious, the bars themselves are seriously good).

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