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Plastic-free Toilet Rolls & Kitchen Roll

Plastic-free Toilet Rolls & Kitchen Roll

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Box of 36 toilet rolls or Box of 14 Jumbo size Kitchen Rolls from Nova Tissue

Made in the UK by Nova Tissue, from locally sourced & sustainable sources (i.e. uk recycled paper... its not flown round the world!)

100% recycled white tissue: the sustainable & ethical choice
loose packed rolls in a cardboard box, sealed with paper tape (no plastic wrap!)

Zero plastic product & packaging
zero harmful chlorine, bleach or dyes
zero fragrance or inks
zero BPA

🧡 No storage room? Split the box with a neighbour, friend or family 🧡

These can be delivered to you via courier (free delivery!) anywhere in the UK in two working days. Please order slightly before you run out! 

  • Nova Tissue 2ply quilted - £22 per box of 36 rolls
    210 extra long sheets per roll (29.4 metres)
    Roll height 100mm
    Roll diameter 120mm
    Core diameter 50mm

  • Nova Tissue 3ply quilted  - £28 per box of 36 rolls
    210 long  sheets per roll (30 metres)
    Roll height 112mm
    Roll diameter 120mm
    Core diameter 50mm

  • Nova Tissue 3ply extra strong, white kitchen towel - 14 Jumbo rolls for £21
    Paper from a Zero Emissions Paper Mill. Reduce your usage: ONE sheet is enough for a multitude of household tasks. Stays strong when wet.
    66 LARGE sheets per roll (15.2metres)
    Roll height is 225mm
    Roll diameter 140mm
    Core diameter is 50mm
    Now avaliable individually for £1.50 per roll

------------  OR ---------------

  • Naked Sprout Unbleached Bamboo - £39.95 per box of 48 rolls
    Double Length rolls: 310 sheets per roll
    Unbleached (i.e. its not white)
    We realise this is a lot of loo roll, so we'd be happy to split a box if you are local. Just remember a good size bag-for-life & ask at our checkout (or drop us an email in advance!)


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