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Vegan Soap Giftbox - set of 9 mini soaps

Vegan Soap Giftbox - set of 9 mini soaps

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Gorgeous box set of 9 vegan soaps all difference fragrances. These mini size soaps make  a gorgeous way to try out various soaps or have individual pieces as 'guest' soaps besides a sink. Brilliant Giftset and eco-friendly as no plastic, just cardboard.

Handmade by Wild Olive who are based in the Peak District, UK.

Soap selection includes:

  • Lavender - Harmonising & Calming effect leaving you feeling relaxed & de-stressed
  • Rosemary & Mint - Refreshing ‘wake up’ soap which not only cleans but invigorates, plus gentle exfoliation.
  • Wild Strawberry - this natural handmade soap leaves your skin wonderfully soft, whilst seeds gently exfoliate
  • Sweet Vanilla - Aroma is a firm favourite and the oatmeal is a natural exfoliant
  • Herb Garden - a stimulating & zesty scrub, leaving your skin refreshed & invigorated. Perfect for oily skin types 
  • Rose Geranium - a moisturising soap, with calming mood balancer fragrance. Great for for dry skin.
  • Tuberose & Jasmine - Gorgeous aroma, with added orange & jasmine essential oils. Smooth, moisturising & textured with heather seeds
  • Lemon & Chamomile - Fresh, cleansing & moisturising, brilliant toner with natural antibacterial properties
  • Orangerie - citrus, with bergamot. An uplifting, mood enhancer fragrance
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