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Bicarb of Soda

Bicarb of Soda

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Bicarbonate of Soda is eco-friendly, biodegradable, natural cleaning product. Ours is plastic-free/refillable as you might expect. Note: not food grade.
  • Bicarb 500ml Glass Jar is £4.25
  • Subsequent refills of the same 500ml Jar is then £1.25
  • Own containers welcome in-store. Bicarb is 25p per 100ml. 

For boosting laundry: Ad 2 TBSP to machine drawer

For hard surface cleaning: Mix 1:100 in water

For absorbing odours: sprinkle in the bottom of bins or containers

For clearing plugholes: Pour boiling water down, add 1 TBSP Bicarb, follow up with 250ml cleaning vinegar*, wait 10-15mins. Flush with more boiling water

For shifting soap scum & limescale in the bathroom: mix 250ml cleaning vinegar*, 1 TBSP Bicarb and a capful washing up liquid. Watch out for the fizz. Use mixture for cleaning.

*Cleaning vinegar also avalibale on a refill basis at Mimic Gifts.
Link for more info: Cleaning Vinegar


    Own containers welcome. Refillable 500ml Glass Jars are included in the price here with the "Fill" branding as per photos. You are welcome to reserve/purchase a filled bottle here in order to click&collect it.  

    Refills are £3 cheaper as you're not paying for the branded Jar again. Your own lidded/airtight containers welcome for refilling (we have trade scales in store, so can measure & calculate any amount) 

    All are made in Northamptonshire by Fill and supplied to Mimic Gifts in PCR (post consumer recycled) containers which, once empty, are collected to be cleaned, refilled & sent back to us/out to other similar stockists

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